The Challenge

Warranty Management Systems grow as product lines are expanded, new dealer channels are added, and manufacturing is diversified. These gradual enhancements can result in fragmented communication, which decreases efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our Solution

Warranty NEXUS is an end to end Business Process Automation solution which specializes in streamlining workflows and connecting critical parties in the warranty lifecycle.

In doing so, it acts as a centralized hub to process, communicate, inform, and gain intelligence that is crucial in improving product quality and customer experience.

Each instance of Warranty NEXUS is customized to meet your specific business needs, with that in mind Warranty NEXUS has many built in features at your disposal and our process is simple.


Our business analysis team will ensure your existing processes are mapped and defined.


Our technical design team will serve to optimize your processes with Warranty Nexus components and new development.


Our customer success team is exclusively focused on helping your business succeed and grow.

Warranty Nexus Benefits


Compatible with Core Systems

Seamlessly integrate with Oracle and gain new functionality with, Salesforce, SAP, and other custom integrations.

Process Automation

Include only the necessary information in your workflow, reducing redundancies and increasing productivity.

Real-Time Analysis

Track trends and identify weak links in your process to improve quality and customer service.


Self-Service Partner Portals

Empower business partners and customers to self-serve, relieving your company of handling cumbersome tasks.

Knowledge Base

Publish instructional videos, schematics, PDF’s and supportive documentation saving you and your business partner’s valuable time.

US-Based Support

Our product and support teams are based in Portland, OR for easy access to help and assistance

Get Started.

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