Financial institutions are bombarded with threats to profitability due to rising business costs, fierce competition, and increased customer expectations.

To stand out, it’s imperative to deepen relationships and create loyalty with customers while balancing operational efficiency and controlling costs. 

Speridian has deep knowledge and experience in helping financial services address varied technology and business needs, enabling you to focus on innovation and putting your customers first. We partner with you to provide scalable, affordable solutions allowing you to evolve into a next-generation financial institution. 

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Digital Strategy and Consulting

With how quickly technology is evolving, it’s important to work with a partner who can assist you in turning these advances into competitive advantages. Speridian offers innovative solutions, deep domain expertise, and well-defined strategies to keep you profitable. Our knowledgeable consultants:

  • Define, design and implement strategies that drive business growth, helping you tomorrow-proof your business
  • Develop long-term and short-term strategies based on actionable deliverables and defined best practices
  • Assist with uncovering new revenue streams and areas for cost reduction



Sesame, a Speridian company focused on solutions built for the digital transformation of the cooperative banking market,  implementing best of breed tools to handle a variety of services for the modern finance organization:
  • Business Intelligence: Comprehensive business intelligence solution providing critical information that enables your organization to make faster, better decisions based on actual data
  • Mobile Banking: Ensure you’re providing  exemplary customer service through their mobile banking experience from anywhere at any time while keeping information secure
  • Business Correspondent Solution:  Expand your reach into rural areas by adopting financial inclusion business correspondence using our innovative solutions
  • Cashless Payment and NPA Management: Comprehensive Loan Delinquency Management system that unifies data across disparate applications into a single repository optimized for non-performing assets mitigation and reduction
  • Core Banking Solutions:  Ensures both back and front-end processes run seamlessly through automation and sophisticated workflow rules, providing a single pane of glass for customer data across all branches 
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FinAlign, Speridian’s Omni-channel CRM solution built specifically for banking, allows your organization to maintain a 360 degree view of each customer across all branches. Built for both retail and corporate customers, FinAlign provides access to:

  • Banking Services Administration
  • Online Self-Service Portals
  • Campaign Automation
  • Chatbots for customer service
  • Mobility
  • Analytics




Delinkure, Speridian’s solution for identifying non-performing assets and risk prevention, allows banks to be more proactive in maintaining expected revenue and lending capacity while mitigating risk. Delinkure also helps to streamline the loan litigation process with complete coverage of the recovery process lifecycle. Delinkure provides:

  • Compatibility with all core banking software and regulatory processes
  • Customizable rule engine with adjustable sensitivity, and permission-based hierarchy restricting access to information based on security roles, including case management workflow 
  • Hosting in a SSAE18 certified data center ensuring top security for sensitive data


Banking Efficiency Services

High performance is paramount in the competitive banking industry, and reducing costs while improving organizational efficiencies is the only way to ensure success amongst your fiercest competitors. Our knowledgeable consultants will assist you in your high performance goals by providing:

  • An IT strategy tailored to your specific goals and organizational needs
  • Assistance from our established Compliance Center of Excellence to support business and IT on critical projects
  • Smart, easy-to-use solutions for chartered accountants to easily pay taxes online, eliminating huge bottlenecks


Speridian Advantage

Deep operational and integration experience across financial services

Modernize operational processes and applications for increased agility

Cash in on reduced infrastructure and operational costs

Best of breed solutions built specifically for financial services

Strengthen regulatory compliance efforts and improve application security

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