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USD 11 billion+North AmericaFinancial Services / Wealth ManagementKnowledge Advanced
Oracle Policy Automation

Speridian partnered with Oracle Consulting Services for the world’s first implementation and integration of Oracle Knowledge Advanced and Oracle Policy Automation as part of a modernization initiative of Ameriprise’s existing Ameriprise Source of Knowledge (“ASK”) portal, leading to a cutting edge, interactive Knowledge experience.

Top Customer Objectives and Challenges

  • The ASK Knowledge Portal, previously implemented in Oracle Service Cloud Knowledgebase, is a central part of Ameriprise’s self-service initiative, providing agents, internal advisers and registered users with Knowledge and interactive Guides for a multitude of scenarios.
  • Over the years, the User Experience (UX) had become somewhat stale and cumbersome, relying heavily on the Guided Assistance tool.
  • Maintenance overheads were significant for the 70+ Guided Assistance (GA) trees, while UX was operating within the constraints of the GA paradigm.
  • The reporting functionality built into Oracle Service Cloud / Knowledgebase / Guided Assistance was not able to provide Ameriprise with the details on user journey and usage required to fine-tune the Knowledge Experience.


  • The new ASK portal is based on Knowledge Advanced and Oracle Policy Automation
  • Ameriprise now has a cutting-edge, world-class Knowledge Portal with optimized UX
  • Drastically reduced maintenance overheads for their interactive Knowledge Tools
  • Increased Customers  Satisfaction and access to information about their Installed Products and Work Items
  • Innovation through leveraging the endless features provided by OPA
    • Multi-path questionnaires, calculations, policy-driven Knowledge, adaptive UI
  • Powerful reporting and analytics – capturing user information, how much time they spend on a particular screen, answers chosen, spectrum reporting, etc.
  • Improved Knowledge Management & Collaboration leveraging the KA & OPA Clouds

Key Highlights

  • ServiceMax replacement
  • Oracle ERP Cloud integration
  • World-class After Sales Services, converting Field Services from Cost Center into Profit Center
  • 16-week implementation
  • Streamlined processes avoiding work-arounds and duplicate data entry
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